I have broad research interests in Bayesian statistics. My current research touches upon topics including forecasting and time series analysis, Bayesian dynamic models, high-dimensional computation, decision analysis, statistical computing, and more! Below are some of the projects I’m currently involved in.

Demand Forecasting for High Dimensional Time Series of Counts

As a research assistant for 84.51°, I am interesting in forecasting demand for products with low volume daily sales counts. This project involves developing sequential, on-line forecasting models for low volume count data.

Bayesian forecasting of many count-valued time series

Obscenity cases over time

Interdisciplinary research analyzing the number of obscenity cases over time and space, and the relationship to factors like Supreme Court case decisions, and presidential party.

Co-Curricular Technology Pathways e-advisor

I will serve as the project manager for a group of Duke undergrads participating in Data+.